SSW assignments turn-ins and deadlines

Assignment Form of control Deadline
Full time
Preparing for the Quiz Every student should prepare him/herself into the quiz Week #3,5,7,9,11,13
Preparation for the Exam Every student should prepare him/herself into the exam Week #15

Course work themes

Note: The student who does not submit a quizzes on time will not be allowed to take a midterm and an exam on the given course.

List of required and supplemental readings and materials

1. Entrepreneurial Finance. Fourth edition. by Leach, Melicher, 2012

2. Small business management. Entrepreneurship and beyond. Hatten, 2012

14. Questions to monitor student’s academic achievement

15. System of assessing student’s knowledge

Grades of the in SSW assignments turn-ins and deadlines-progress achievements of the student are the sum of ongoing control and a midterm grade.

The ongoing control of performance is a systematic check conducted by the teacher on the student’s academic achievement on each topic of the course.
The midterm is taken after covering the main chapters of the course.
The final grade comprises of the ongoing control grades and the final exam grade. Assessment of in-progress performance (rating of admission) is 70% of the final grade of the course. Final exam is 30% of the final grade of the course.
Assessment of student’s knowledge is carried out by the SSW assignments turn-ins and deadlines points-lettered rating system with the proper transformation into the traditional rating scale.

15.1 The rating scale of students (example)*

Form of control First rating criteria, R1, % Week First rating totals, R1 Second rating criteria, R2, % Week Second rating totals, %
1. Attendance * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
2. SSWT * * * * * *
3. SSW (course work) * *
4. Midterm * 25% *
5. Quiz * * * * * * * 5%
Portion of final grade 40% 40%

*Note: instead of (*) mark put earned points

Final grade calculation

Final grade of the course in percentage is calculated according to the following formula:

F%=(R1+R2)/2* 0.6+FE*0.4


R1- percentage of the first rating portion

R2-percentage of the second rating portion

FE-percentage of the final exam SSW assignments turn-ins and deadlines portion (test-exam)

15.3 Grading scale to assess the students’ learning outcomes with a transformation into the traditional rating scale

Credit system grade Numbered equivalent Percentage Traditional system grade
A 4,0 95-100 Excellent
A- 3,67 90-94
B+ 3,33 85-89 Good
B 3,0 80-84
B- 2,67 75-79
C+ 2,33 70-74 Satisfying
C 2,0 65-69
C- 1,67 60-64
D+ 1,33 55-59
D 1,0 50-54
F 0-49 Failed/unsatisfying

The policy of academic conduct (sample).

Academic conduct criteria Points*
1. Being late -
2. Using the cell phone -
3. Active participation in class discussions +
4. Others (specify)

*Note: points decreasing the student’s rating are marked with minus (-), increasing – with the plus (+).

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