My Travelling and Transport.

My Travelling and Transport.

I like traveling with my family. When I fly to other countries I can see many interesting things. We always travel by plane, by bus or by car. It is very comfortable in airplane and in car, too but in bus wasn’t very comfortable.

Last year we traveled to Rodos it is one of the Greek ilands. We visited Athens and made a ship trip. We went to the Akropolis and to the old town .We saw some museums, bought many souveniers and beautiful clothes. It was interesting in Greese.

It was very hot in My Travelling and Transport. Rodos but sometimes cloudy we go to merge two seas: Sredizemnoe sea and Egeyscoe sea. It was beautiful there this photo we photo to our camera from our rent car.

In this photo you can see a very very big ship in this ship we make a trip.

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